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Wolters Kluwer publishes updated chapters of 'Competition Law of the European Union' authored by VBB

  • 26/04/2023
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Wolters Kluwer published 2 updated chapters of 'Competition Law of the European Union', the textbook authored by VBB's Competition team.

The sections on Intellectual Property and on Special Sectors: Pharmaceuticals have been updated on Kluwer Competition Law, providing expert commentary on recent developments in these key areas.

Updates by Andrzej Kmiecik and Victor Ion to the IP section include:

✔ An in-depth discussion of the European Commission’s Valve Video Games decision concerning geo-blocking practices.
✔ An up-to-date discussion of restrictions on cross-border sales of products covered by unexhausted copyrights.
✔ References to the most recent case-law of the Court of Justice of the European Union on repackaging and parallel trade in pharmaceutical products. 
✔ The latest case-law of the Court of Justice of the European Union on international exhaustion.
Updates by Michael Clancy and Giovanni Pregno to the section on Special Sectors: Pharmaceuticals include:
✔ Market definition. Updates on the principles to be applied to define the relevant market for pharmaceutical products that are facing upcoming loss of exclusivity and entry of generics.
✔ Pricing. Further guidance on the topics of exclusionary pricing (below-cost pricing to hospitals and conditional discounts) and excessive pricing, following new investigations and decisions by the European Commission and national authorities in Austria, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands.
✔ Misleading Conduct. Further application of the principle that misleading activities do not constitute “competition on the merits” and may constitute an abuse of dominance, with new investigations and decisions concerning statements to healthcare professionals, regulatory authorities and courts.

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