Making sense of EU trade relations after Brexit

Van Bael & Bellis is uniquely placed to assist companies and third country governments in understanding and navigating the regulatory complexities resulting from the UK’s decision to leave the EU.

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Brexit Knowledge Hub

The impact of Brexit on EU trade relations

On 23 June 2016, a referendum was held on whether the United Kingdom (“UK”) should leave the European Union (“EU”). The results – 52% of the electorate voted in favour of the UK’s exit from the EU (the so-called “Brexit”) – will have an impact on future EU trade relations.

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Brexit negotiations: Implications for trade

Please find enclosed our detailed outline of implications for trade that would result from Brexit negotiations

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Court of Justice of the European Union delivers Opinion 2/15

Court of Justice of the European Union delivers Opinion 2/15 on the allocation of competences between the European Union and the Member States as regards the Free Trade Agreement between the European Union and Singapore

Please find our analysis in the enclosed document

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EU Commission and European Medicines Agency's Brexit Q&A

The European Commission and the European Medicines Agency operate on the working assumption that the United Kingdom will become a third country on 30 March 2019. In order to help pharmaceutical firms deal with this contingency, both bodies will publish a series of Question and Answer documents addressing the many issues which a withdrawal of the UK from the European Union will give rise to. A first such Q&A dealing with establishment requirements for centrally authorised medicines came out on 31 May 2017.

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Brexit: European Commission Position on Protection of Personal Data Until (and After) UK Withdrawal

In a position paper of 6 September 2017, the European Commission reveals the minimum requirements for the protection of personal data in the context of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU (the Position Paper). The Position Paper sets out the obligations that will be expected for data which is received or processed by the United Kingdom or by entities in the United Kingdom after the withdrawal date.

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