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VBB on Competition Law, Volume 2021, No. 5

  • 18/06/2021
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The May 2021 issue of our newsletter, VBB on Competition Law, which covers major developments in competition law at the European Union, UK and Member State levels. 

Among others, the developments we cover in this issue include:

  • The Commission’s proposed Foreign Subsidies Regulation and its impact on concentrations involving non-EU acquirors
  • The unequivocal support for the broad interpretation of the jurisdictional scope of the UK merger control regime provided by the CAT in Sabre/Farelogix
  • The far-reaching approach to refusal to deal app under Art. 102 taken by the Italian NCA in Google/JuicePass
  • First indications of the possible changes to the Commission’s rules on (i) horizontal cooperation agreements and (ii) motor vehicle distribution
  • Learnings from further rulings of the EU General Court on the application of the State aid rules to tax optimization schemes in Engie and Amazon


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