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Philippe De Baere authors WTO chapter for The International Trade Law Review, 4th Edition

  • 02/10/2018
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Philippe De Baere authors WTO chapter for The International Trade Law Review, 4th Edition

Van Bael & Bellis co-managing partner Philippe De Baere authored the WTO chapter in the fourth edition of The International Trade Law Review, recently published by Law Business Research. The chapter examines key developments in WTO case law regarding trade remedies over the last year and discusses the debates surrounding the appointment of new Appellate Body members and China’s challenge to the EU’s previous non-market economy methodology. Van Bael & Bellis associates Victor Crochet, Sidonie Descheemaeker and Joanna Redelbach contributed to the drafting of the chapter.

Please click on the PDF below to access the full chapter.

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    Yuriy Rudyuk speaks at webinar organized by EUROMETAL “After COVID 19: Survival strategies for steel distribution, SSC and Steel Trade”

    On 9 July 2020, Van Bael & Bellis partner Yuriy Rudyuk spoke at the EUROMETAL webinar on the outcome of the second review of EU safeguard measures applicable to imports of certain steel products as well as other trade defence measures in the EU affecting trade in steel. Yuriy’s comments on further reviews of the safeguard measures and their likely outcome were reported by Kallanish Steel .

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    European Commission’s White Paper on Levelling the Playing Field as regards Foreign Subsidies

    Key Takeaway: The EU (and Member States) may be given new, far-reaching powers to tackle the perceived harmful effects of third-country subsidies benefitting businesses operating in the EU. Remedies could be imposed limiting participation in all sectors of the internal market, including prohibiting businesses from making subsidised acquisitions and participating in public procurement in the EU. On 17 June 2020, the European Commission (the “Commission”) published a White Paper on how to respond to third countries giving subsidies to companies active in the EU (“foreign subsidies”). In an effort to level the playing field, the Commission proposes new tools to address what it perceives as unfair competition from foreign players in the EU’s internal market. The Commission considers that existing tools, in the areas of notably trade defence, competition law and public procurement, are insufficient to avoid distortions resulting from foreign subsidies. The proposed new tool box fits within the EU’s new policy of “open strategic autonomy”. It signals a more pro-active approach on the part of the EU in responding to unfair and abusive practices distorting the EU internal market and undermining the level playing field.

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